Skylar MacDonald’s Fact Machine


I’m Skylar MacDonald, and I love facts. Or, more accurately, I love using facts to prove my points. In my well-researched PowerPoint, Fact Machine, you can find out why cancer causes mobile phones, how mean single people are about wine, and why Italian yoghurt adverts are a force to be reckoned with. You’ll learn the best things to lie about to find a date online, and you’ll get an insight into the minds of the kind of people who review headboards on online stores.

If you want to see me talk about facts, good news! I’m taking Skylar MacDonald’s Fact Machine to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


But I need your help. You see, putting on a Fringe show is quite a spendy endeavour — it turns out, I am rather a fan of paying people for the work they do for me in putting on something this silly. So I would love for you to throw a few quid in my drection, if you want to see this show happen.

Every single person who donates here will be thanked on this website and at the end of each show. We will email you to ask how you want your name to be shown.

Hit the button below and I’ll love you forever.

How much do you need?

The show, all in all, is going to cost the tidy sum of around £7,500. (I know, right?!)

We’re also applying for funding from a number of organisations such as Creative Scotland, but they won’t fund 100% of the show — so your donations will make a difference in getting Fact Machine out there.

What happens if you don’t raise the full amount?

If we don’t raise the full total needed to put on the show, we’ll do the best with what we do get. If we can’t put on the show with the amount of money we raise, we’ll instead spend it on organising DSG Entertainment’s other comedy projects (Fringe 2020, anyone?).

Any money we raise over the target will be spent on the show first, and any left over afterwards will also go to fund our other comedy events.